Hello. This website provides some background and explains my work. It is still under construction, and in a strict sense, it will probably remain that way perpetually!

Just a short note for students: If you are an undergraduate or masters student looking to work with me for a few months, it is best to apply through the S. N. Bhatt programme of ICTS. See here for details.

I usually accept some students through the summer program of the Indian Academy of Sciences, where I am listed as a possible supervisor. See here. I usually accept about 2-3 students each summer.

Apart from the organized summer programs, I am generally somewhat reluctant to accept students from other institutes as short-term "interns" during  term-time. My suggestion, if you are looking for a semester-long research project would be to consider an area that does not require significant theoretical background, and where you can get started on research immediately; unfortunately quantum gravity and quantum field theory don't really lend themselves to that.

You should contact me directly, if you would like to join the PhD program at ICTS-TIFR.

If you are a PhD student, and looking for postdoctoral openings, you should look here.