The Black Hole Information Paradox


This is an advanced elective course covering recent developments in our understanding of the black-hole information paradox. We will emphasize the broader lessons that puzzles about black-hole evaporation and the black-hole interior hold for theories of quantum gravity.

We will use the recent review "Lessons from the Information Paradox" as a guide for the lectures.

We will discuss a number of topics including

1) Hawking's original formulation of the information paradox
2) Paradoxes involving the black-hole interior and the monogamy of entanglement
3) The principle of holography of information
4) Islands
5) Paradoxes involving large AdS black holes
6) Construction of the black-hole interior in AdS/CFT
7) State dependence
8) Fuzzballs, firewalls and other proposals for horizon structure

Lectures will be held each Wednesday and Thursday (6:30 pm -- 8 pm). The first lecture is on Wednesday, January 13 and lectures will continue until the middle of April.

Lecture notes and videos will be archived here after each lecture. The lecture videos are also available on a separate Youtube channel

A note of caution The lecture material below includes handwritten notes that I used as cues for myself during the lectures. So, at points, they might be terse. These handwritten notes have also not been carefully proofed for errors. If something is unclear in the handwritten notes, please remember that the formulas written there should also be available either in the review, arXiv:2012.05770 or by following the references from that review. The review has been proofread more carefully than the handwritten notes.