Hello. This website provides some background and explains my work. It is still under construction, and in a strict sense, it will probably remain that way perpetually! 

You can look through some biographical info, browse through a list of papers, or a set of  shorter articles or some course notes.

If you reached this website because you would like to work with me, please consider the following. If you are an undergraduate or masters student looking to work with me for a few months in summer, it is best to apply through the S. N. Bhatt programme of ICTS. See here for details. ICTS also has a Long Term Visiting Students' Program, and you can find details here. If you would like to join the PhD program at ICTS, you should look here. If you are a PhD student, and looking for postdoctoral openings, you should look here.

Outside of the organized programs listed above, I am generally somewhat reluctant to accept students from other institutes for short-term projects or as "interns" on an ad hoc basis.  So  I request that you apply through one of the programs above rather than writing to me separately.